My Hero Academia: Mysteries of One for All Quirk

There is no shortage of superpowers (called Quirks) in the world of My Hero Academia. However, one still stands out as arguably the most terrifying and powerful known as All for One. It can give its user the power to steal Quirks from others. Even though the Quirk itself is not so powerful, it has collected hundreds of them; it becomes almost impossible to defeat the user. During the rise of Quirks, a century ago, All for One was owned by a man known as Shigaraki. He later went on to become All for One, the leader of villains. 

Shigaraki went on to rule over Japan like a dictator using his powers to oppress anyone who rises against him. He also had a younger brother, who was Quirkless. So, the villain decided to give him a Quirk that allowed him to stockpile other Quirks. But, little did he know that his brother already had a power that allowed him to transfer his Quirks to someone else. The two of them then fused to become One for All. Shigaraki’s younger brother did not like the way he was handling Japan and using his powers. Eventually, they both fought, after which his brother transferred his Quirk, hoping that someone in the future will defeat All for One.

But, Shigaraki decided to stay away from the public eye, deciding to become as strong as he can by stockpiling Quirks. After working for a century on his powers, he became immensely strong. Although the manga and anime did discuss a lot, there is still much that is yet not known about it. Today we look at some of the secrets of All for One.

Activates by Touching

It is terrifying to know that All for One can be activated just by touch, but One for All, on the other hand, requires to be ingested, like a medicine. This was revealed during one of the students’ attacks when Ragdoll’s Quirk was taken away. It happens more than once, with different characters, which means One for All is a brutal force to go up against. There is no known way of getting back Quirks once they are taken away as of now. 

Stolen Quirks can be distributed

As if All for One’s ability to take away Quirks was not scary enough, it is later revealed that it can also transfer them to anyone that the user chooses. A good example is Nomu that was created by Dr. Garaki. Shigaraki has distributed stolen powers using his abilities. If the user already has one, the two can then fuse to become stronger.

All for One can be Duplicated

Shigaraki does not use the real version of All for One. He had duplicated the original long back and was keeping the duplicated one with him. He had to do this because he wanted to pass on his Quirk to Tenko Shimura, also known as Tomura Shigaraki. However, Quirk’s duplicated version is not nearly as destructive as the original one, but it is still dangerous enough to create havoc.

Three Users

All for One has had three users so far, including Shigaraki. The second person who was allowed to use it was Nine, who had a copied version instead of the original one. He could not steal more than eight Quirks while Shigaraki had no such limit. The third to use it is Tomura Shigaraki, who has been chosen by Shigaraki as his successor. Since he uses the original one, he has no limitations and can use the Quirk as he pleases. What makes this very scary for the heroes is that Tomura already has a strong power called Decay. Fused with All for One, both will give Tomura unimaginable powers.


Although All for One might seem infallible, it has some flaws that heroes can use for their advantage. If the user takes a Quirk from someone and passes it on to someone else, he cannot use it until he steals it back. Another problem is that there is a possibility that the person who receives the Quirk might not be able to handle it. So, All for One does not even guarantee that the powers will be transferred to someone else. However, it can be fixed easily by ensuring if the person already has a Quirk or not. Then, there is a good chance that the powers will be passed on, but it raises another problem. Some Quirks are too powerful and unique, so they require years of practice to master. So, even if they are passed on to someone else, they will be of little use. Finally, Quirk’s most significant issue is that it can harm the body if one person stockpiles too many of them, leading to cellular degeneration. 

Since Tomura Shigaraki now had All for One, we will have to wait to find out if there are other mysteries of the Quirk, which we did not yet know about. Fused with his Decay quirk, All for One has now granted him immense powers, and Deku has a considerable challenge waiting for him.

Source: My Hero Academia: Mysteries of One for All Quirk

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